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Best Nasal Aspirator for a Clear Nose

August 4, 2017
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No child really enjoys getting his or her nose wiped or cleaned out. The problem is they can’t do it sufficiently on their own, especially when they are sick. We tried the bulb syringe with no luck. It never seemed to get much out, and the one time we did my husband had a booger shoot out and stick to his face, who wants that?! I know people have found great luck with the NoseFrida, but honestly I am so grossed out by the idea of having to suck my child’s snot out with my mouth I couldn’t get myself to try it (knowing full well there is a barrier that would prevent the snot from going in my mouth-still ick). One day my sister-in-law was using this booger sucker (which is what we call it in our house) on my nephew and I saw how nifty it was and ran out and bought it.  

The Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator is battery operated, has a clear cup that collects the snot so you can tell the doctor what color your child’s mucus is, and it can play soothing music to distract your child. It is so easy to clean as well, just run it under hot water or put it in the dishwasher to sterilize it and it is good to go. Just don’t lose the washer (the rubber ring inside) of it won’t work very well.

Here are a few other tips that will help you get the most out of this wonderful product.

  • You can buy different size tips if you feel the standard is too big or small for your child’s nose, see here. I never had to use any other tip than what came with the aspirator, even with my newborn.
  • In order to get as much out of your child’s nose as you can, put a few saline drops in the nose or a saline mist like we use here to loosen up the mucus before you use the aspirator.
  • Make sure you point the tip straight up the nasal passage so you aren’t just sucking on the skin inside the nose versus the opening with the mucus.
  • Sometimes the snot is so thick it will pull it out of the nose and get stuck in the tip, just pull it out with a Kleenex and continue. If you don’t feel like you got much suck up some water right after and it will wash some of the snot into the clear cup so you can see it.


Our first one lasted for over four years. When our first one quit working I immediately ran out and bought another. This thing has gone everywhere with us and will continue to. Anyone I know that owns one loves it and so will you.


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