Fatherhood Looks Good on You

June 17, 2017

People always say having kids changes your relationship as a couple. Parenting is hard work that takes the focus off of you two and puts in on someone else. It can be a strain on the relationship, pulling you in different directions. Or it can bring you together, learning together, loving together.

For me, having kids made me love my husband in a way I never knew possible. Why you ask? Well for starters, babies tend to bring out this affectionate and nurturing side you didn’t know existed … hello where has this been hiding?!?! 

It is the little things they do when they don’t think you are watching.  Like when my husband sings our little one to sleep at night just a little longer than he needs to so he gets a few extra minutes with a sleeping baby in his arms.  Or when he plays hide and seek with our oldest, pretending not to see our son running from hiding spot to hiding spot to keep the game going.  And I know he wakes up early with the kids on the weekend so he can get some extra cuddles while they watch a kids TV show with the worst plot line and a theme song you won’t get out of your head for days (read book after book in the big comfy chair). I know my husband likes these little moments as much as, if not more than, the kids do.  My husband is our super hero. The guy who could sleep through anything is now the guy who wakes up the second he hears one of our children crying. He can walk in a room and pinpoint a poopy diaper in a matter of seconds, lucky right haha. He even sees a disaster before it happens, somehow catching our son mid-fall and disabling the threat. 

My husband has become an even more amazing version of himself since becoming a father. He gives our kids his heart and soul every day without fail. He is the rock our family is built on.  My love for my husband grows exponentially as I watch him be the goofy, protective, hands on father he is.  My hope is that one day my son’s grow up to be even half the father my husband is.

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