Kids Make Life Magical

January 3, 2018

Kids make life magical. Side note, I am writing this right after I have chased down my two-year old for the sixth time at the library to stop him from throwing yet another toy down the book return conveyor belt, but I still believe what I said.

Coming out of the holidays this year really drove this point home. EVERYTHING seemed more special, more exciting, and simply magical when I saw it through my kids’ eyes. With an almost five-year old and almost two-year old life is never dull. We are constantly on the go and crazy busy so I can honestly say it is very rare for me to sit and reflect on the beauty of life.

This year decorating for Christmas became a family affair. I’ve always loved how the house looks with all the beautiful, glistening holiday decorations, but I dread the time and effort that goes into decorating. This year my oldest begged me to decorate the house, and helped me with ALL OF IT! He even pushed me to put up more decorations than I was planning on because he apparently remembered them from the year before and he liked how it looked (who knew-not me). The bonding and excitement he brought to decorating was so much fun. He was a little boss, telling me what to put out and where. When my husband came home my kids jumped up and down so excited to show off their hard work.

Last year we skipped putting up our Christmas tree because our youngest was almost one year old and was getting into everything (so basically I needed to save my sanity). When we put the tree up this year our kids started squealing with delight the moment we plugged the lights in, seen here. They gave me the ta-da moment I never got before when I decorated-making all the work worth it.  

Even though the holidays magnified my kids’ excitement, they still bring that fresh, innocent excitement to life’s simple pleasures each day. I woke up the other day to snow being whipped around by the whistling wind outside and thought ‘ugh this sucks’. One minute later my oldest runs out of his room yelling ‘mommy it is snowing, it is snowing!’ with such excitement that he instantly brought me back to a time when snow was cool.

The store tends to be the most stressful place on earth when you have kids in tow, but there are days they will surprise you. Like the day I waited an obscene amount of time at the store for help finding a certain toy for our nephew’s birthday. My boys managed to find some type of car that can only be described as a ‘slug’ and proceeded to drive around the store in circles laughing and squeaking the horn over and over, seen here. They got everyone laughing, including the other shoppers, the associate, and myself. They turned a stressful situation into an entertaining moment.

I love how they can turn the simplest things, like balloons or empty cardboard boxes, into hours of fun, like they did with these balloons seen here. How everyday things make them light up with an innocent excitement I wish I still had.

My kids make me a better, happier person. They make me want to put those smiles on their faces time and time again. They make me want to see life on the lighter, brighter side. They make me forget my worries (most of the time) and live in the moment. My kids make my life magical.  How do your kids make your life magical?

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Kids Make Life Magical
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Kids Make Life Magical
Kids light up the world around them with their innocence.

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