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My Favorite 5 Exercises to Tighten Your Tummy

October 10, 2017

Want an abdominal exercise routine that will work your whole midsection in less than 5 minutes? This routine is guaranteed to hit the right spots without having to devote all of your time to exercise; freeing up time to do the things you want to do!

Our core muscles make up our midsection, from our shoulders all the way down to our hips. These muscles, when worked and strengthened, wrap around us like a girdle and hold our stomach in tight. The core muscles are so important for everyday living. Strong core muscles help us lift our kids without hurting our back, allow us to run around all day getting errands done without feeling exhausted, and make our post baby/squishy tummy area look a little tighter and sexier – getting you back into those pre-baby pants quicker. By doing abdominal exercises regularly (at least 2-3 days per week) you will build muscle and burn more fat all day, every day! After a few weeks of consistently doing these exercises you should notice your pants fit a little looser 🙂

Remember, no amount of ab exercises will give you a six-pack if you still have a layer of fat on top of the muscles. Making healthy food choices, avoiding eating too many calories, and burning calories by moving more all help burn off that layer of fat and lose inches. Be patient, as hard as that can be, because there’s no magic pill you can take to get rid of the post baby skin so give it time.


Routine: Do each exercise for 30 seconds and add more time as it gets easier. Make sure you feel a burn in your muscles so you know are pushing yourself hard enough, but if you feel any pain stop what you are doing until you can talk to a doctor.

1.     Seated Trunk Rotations, aka. Russian Twists, is my all-time favorite core strengthening exercise. This exercise works most of the core muscles all at once. You can even work your lower abdominals by leaning back slightly and bringing your feet just off the floor while you do the exercise. This link, click here, shows you exactly how to do this exercise with a picture as well as a great description. You can modify this exercise by doing it without the medicine ball. View here.

2.     Supine Bicycle Crunches, aka. Bicycles, are a real ab burner. When you do this exercise make sure to always touch your elbow to your knee otherwise you are missing the position that gets you the best results. View here.

3.     Superman, aka. Back Extensions, are an often overlooked part of a core routine. Picture this, a house with one weak side cannot support the roof. This applies to your core. If you have a weak side, like your back, you will not be able to support your spine of your upper body weight which can lead to deterioration and back pain. View here.

4.     Reverse Crunch. This is a great exercise that really target the lower abs, also known as the pouch you get after a c-section haha. You do not need to lift your feet too high for this exercise to be effective. View here.

5.     Side Plank with straight legs. This exercise works the abdominals along with the butt and hips. View here. 

Which exercises are your favorites?


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My Favorite 5 Exercises to Tighten Your Tummy
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My Favorite 5 Exercises to Tighten Your Tummy
A core exercise routine guaranteed to tone your tummy.

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