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Raise Your Glass to the Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

July 28, 2017


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This cup has saved my sanity WAY too many times. My four year old and my 18 month old love it. It was the first cup my then one year old would actually drink out of, and we literally tried them all (ok – maybe only eight different cups but you get the point)!

This magical cup can be thrown in my purse, diaper bag, or a backpack without worrying that it will soak everything in it. Tip the cup upside down (trust me I’ve tried this a million times in disbelief) and nothing leaks out! This is great when, inevitably, your kid’s cup ends up face down in their lap by the end of a car ride, thus preventing the big wet stain your kid would be sporting the rest of the day. My kids seem to drop their cups every other minute, but after two years the cups are like new.

These cups are essentially spill proof … although my 18 month old has figured out that if he throws it just right down the entire flight of stairs he can get a little milk to come out (and I truly mean just a little).

They are BPA free and very durable (my kids have thrown the cups down a million times and they have never cracked). The cup is easy to figure out and allows your child to drink from anywhere around the rim (like I said, this is the only cup my one year old would drink from after he finished nursing learning how to drink from it within a week). This cup actually helps develop the muscles that allow children to drink

out of a normal cup without spilling it everywhere.

How does it work? The lid has two parts, a plastic strainer that screws onto the cup and a silicone stopper that snaps on the lid. The milk comes through the strainer but the silicone stopper provides pressure to prevent the milk from coming out until there is suction (aka your kid sucks on it). Just a heads up, remember to take the silicone stopper to clean the cup or you will get mold, ewww.

Convinced? Well the price is right for such a nifty cup, just $6.13 for two cups here on amazon. Trust me, your kids will thank you  🙂

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