The Day From Hell

September 28, 2017

It started off like a normal day. I wake up to my oldest holding a pair of wet underwear in my face saying he had an accident. We go upstairs to survey the damage and luckily the bed was dry, along with the 20 stuffed animals and pillows on the bed that are a major pain in the butt to wash.  

We run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get ready so we can head out the door for the boys’ dentist appointments. We make it in there at 9:01am, only one minute late which is good for us considering we are never on time for anything now-a-days and that it was pouring rain. We come running into the office to find the dentist is 40 minutes behind on his schedule. Great way to start the morning off right?! We sail through the first appointment but our youngest seems to have a problem with some random stranger digging around in his mouth and he screams the entire time. Oh well, no cavities.

After the boys appointments I decide to try to kill two birds with one stone. The dentist is in the same building as the boys’ pediatrician. Having watched a little girl in my four-year old’s preschool class just the day before projectile vomiting all over the floor I realize we really need to get the flu shot ASAP. Smart idea right?! A back story might be helpful here. One year ago I brought our oldest who was three-year old into the doctor for his flu shot. He heard the word ‘shot’ and immediately dove under the chairs at the doctor’s office for over an hour screaming and refusing to come out. The doctor could hear him screaming all the way down the hall. It took three of us to wrestle him out from under the chairs and finally give him the shot. Fun stuff right?! It was traumatizing for both of us. Back to today, as we are walking over to the doctor’s office my oldest asks what we are doing. I say something to the effect of ‘we are getting something that will keep us from getting sick’, clever. I tell the staff not to mention the word ‘shot’ and instead to use the word ‘vaccination’ thinking I am so clever using a word he doesn’t know. Next think I know my son is asking if a vaccination hurts like a shot – man they connect the dots quickly. I am as ready as I can be for the possible meltdown. I am armed with fruit snacks to bribe him, Netflix is playing on my phone to keep him distracted while they give him the shot, and I have promised him we can go to the bank like he wanted if he is shows his brother how to be brave. He gets the shot without even realizing it then spends the next ten minutes sobbing – but he got his shot which is the important part.

Afterwards, my four-year old who is traumatized that I would allow the doctor to give him such a painful shot in his arm decides he needs to see me get the same shot right away. He is adamant that it has to be in the same arm as him too. Fun stuff, at least he offers to hug me ‘so hard’ that it won’t hurt for me like it did for him haha. I figure it is early enough in the morning, only 10:45am, that we can handle running quick to get my flu shot taken care of because I still really needed to get one. I go to the nearest CVS pharmacy because I don’t need an appointment ahead of time to get in. I check in at the automated kiosk and there is a sign on the machine telling people the wait time is broken but that they will fit people in. A little unsure I still decide to take the chance and wait, there were only three people in front of me so I thought ‘how long can this take anyway?’ An hour and a half later I am called into the room to get my flu shot. At this point my one and a half-year old has spent the last hour and a half running up and down the isles knocking EVERY SINGLE box off the shelves and throwing hand-held massagers that keep popping up out of nowhere on the ground so the batteries fly everywhere. While I am chasing him down trying to keep him from destroying everything my four-year old is asking me every five seconds when they are going to call my name and when he can eat. By the time I was finally called into the room I was losing my cool FAST! While the nurse was getting my flu shot ready my four-year old asked me three separate times if ‘they know I don’t need a shot right mommy?’ He was so nervous about having to get another shot that it melted my heart and I almost forgot about how much I hate needles, almost 😉 Final flu shot complete, check.

We leave CVS at 12:15pm (remember our adventure began at 8:45am) with every intention of going straight home and eating lunch. We get in the car and my four-year old reminds me that he brought his piggy bank and that I promised him we could go to the bank if he was a good boy, which he was so I thought, ‘ok, one last quick stop and we are on our way’. We get into the bank and my four-year old brings out his Thomas the Train piggy bank, which he is so proud of, and starts shaking all of his money onto the floor of the bank. My one year old starts grabbing the coins and throwing them all over the bank. I finally wrangle up all of the money and get in line to wait for a teller only to turn around to see my one year old running out the door, which he can now open himself because of the handicapped buttons … ahhh!!!!! Everyone at the bank, employees and customers, are all laughing at all of this commotion. Who knew an innocent trip to the bank could be so stressful (I should have knowing how life with two kids works). At least I got the opportunity to feed my four years old’s desire to save money, and get a sucker out of it haha.

By this point I am unraveling fast. It is 1pm and my kids are whining and hungry and I am starving and exhausted (a very bad combination in our family). We finally start the trek home. As we drive past the grocery store I remember we are completely out of milk, which is a necessity at our house. What to do? Something made me turn into the parking lot, get two very hungry and tired kids out of the car, and walk into the grocery store. I think the low blood sugar got to my brain because under normal circumstances I would know this was a recipe for disaster. My one year old sees bananas the second we get inside and all hell breaks loose. He is crying because he can’t eat everything he sees immediately (before we pay for it). His four-year old brother is yelling at him to stop screaming, which makes him cry louder. My kids were making such a commotion I had people running up to us in the checkout line trying to help calm them down or bag my groceries for me. I grab the few items I know we need and get the hell out of there.

Why? Why did I do this to myself? Why did I keep going, keep adding on to our outing? Today was the day from hell and it was only 1:30pm-still a lot of day left. What did I get out of checking off all of those tasks, other than two kids who passed out the second we got home and a burnt out mama?

I can honestly say I don’t know. Luckily I don’t have days like this all the time, but it does happen more often than I would like. This is life and it is crazy and hectic and sometimes painful. I hope one day I can learn to only do what is necessary and not pack every little thing into our day that I can. But for now, I am going to take a much-needed nap and sleep this day off … until one of my alarm clocks wake me up. Cheers!


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The Day From Hell
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The Day From Hell
Why do I do this to myself? Mommy fail!

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