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Water Reveal Pads, Clean Distraction for Kids on the Go

September 14, 2017
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These water reveal pads are wonderful if you ever need something to distract the kids. The Melissa and Doug Water Reveal Pads, seen here, are handy to stick in a purse or diaper bag. There is very little mess involved which is great because we know how messy kids can be! Perfect for a long car ride, sitting through church, or waiting for a doctor appointment.  No supervision needed unlike markers and coloring books 😉

Just fill up the pen with water and let your kids bring the pictures to life. There are typically 4 pages per pad. When dry, the pages are white with a few images outlined in black so the kids can see them. Once your kids put pen to paper the water brings out the colors and hidden pictures on the page. As the page dries it goes back to it’s original state, a colorless page. You can reuse these pads over and over, just give it a few minutes to dry and your kids can start the fun all over again.

There are a great variety of themes and designs making it entertaining for all. What cool items have you found to keep your kids distracted, that doesn’t have to be closely supervised? 🙂


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