Why I Started a Healthy Mommy Blog

June 13, 2017

Before I had kids I thought I was doing a great job taking care of myself. I worked out all the time, loved cooking, and practiced the latest stress management techniques. Back then I had all the time in the world to take care of ‘me’. I felt good! When I look back I realize how much simpler life seemed. I didn’t need to balance anyone else’s needs with my own.

Becoming a mom totally shattered my view of what it means to be healthy.  Pregnancy totally sucked. I had terrible morning sickness that was only kept at bay by eating carbs … all day and all night. I gained weight very fast.  I was so uncomfortable I wasn’t able to work out like normal. I resorted to swimming, which made me feel light as air and completely relaxed, but I wasn’t able to push myself at all. By the end of the pregnancy I had gained 42 pounds and felt like a whale.  I couldn’t wait to have the baby and get back to my active lifestyle and a normal weight.

After having my son I canceled my gym membership to save some money. This meant I had to find cheap ways to be active and motivate myself, ugh. Worst yet, I ate whatever people brought me those 1st few weeks, which usually consisted of doughnuts, muffins, or something I could eat on the go. I was so focused on my son’s needs I forgot about my own. That is until I got really sick 3 weeks after giving birth which forced to think about what I was doing to my body, or should I say ‘not doing’ for my body. There is a reason flight attendants tell you to put your oxygen mask on 1st and then help those around you.  We need to take care of ourselves 1st so we can be the best spouse, mom, friend, etc. that we can be.  I realized I needed to find a balance between being a good mom and taking care of myself. As I thought about how to do this I asked myself 1. what does healthy look like and 2. what do I need to do to ensure my family’s health as well as my own?

I have learned a lot through trial and error, and A LOT of research. I would love to make the transition into a healthier way of life easier for you than it was for me. I am sharing my journey with you because I am always learning and growing, and I am hoping we can learn from each other. I encourage you to share your journey and what you have learned from it here as well.

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